Restaurant "Ukrainski Stravy" For New Year - is a guarantee that the celebration will be filled with positive emotions. We prepare an interesting show program, which includes tireless musicians, fun contests, pleasant surprises, gift draws and of course the magical figures of the New Year's Eve - Grandfather Frost and Snowflake. This night will be the most favorite dance compositions, and the festive decoration of the hall will be even more spirited. At New Year's Eve Restaurant "Ukrainski Stravy" offers you delicious dishes from the menu, where everyone will find their favorite dish. On the occasion of the forthcoming New Year 2018, we wish you a pleasant surprise of splendid rapture, the fulfillment of your dreams - also those unspoken, optimistic and faithful to the fulfillment of expectations and hope. May it be a good year.

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New Years Eve

  • Fruit
  • Gentle Foie Gras goose liver in cowberry jelly
  • Carp stuffed with vegetables
  • Rooster cockerel
  • Various spicy veggies
  • Cheeses of various species
  • cured
  • - salmon
  • Eggplant rolls with peanut filling
  • Egg stuffed with mushrooms
  • Olivier-Carskis Salad
  • Super Salad,
  • Stuffed Calamari
  • Turkey baked with sauce
  • Bread
  • Sherbet
  • dough
  • Compote
  • Water

SALVAGE TABLE menu for 1 PERSON: 1800 HR.

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We invite everyone on New Year's Eve party"